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Rodrigo Schio
Programador em Ribeirão Preto

Rodrigo Schio's Website

This website serves as a showcase of the services we offer to potential future customers.
Also serves as the current state of development techniques that use documentation.

How should I work with have a web space to store some pages personal, some test scripts and also show some layouts or websites for clients.

I Paid $5 per month to google. They host the site and I get access to this space. Whenever I want to show something to my customers (or anyone) I just do upload to the server... very simple.

This website is a collection of scripts that I developed throughout my career.
A small part of the scripts that produce as a systems analyst is listed, linked and commented here.

Some personal information is also here.
I advertise this site to friends, acquaintances, for customers and for people who I just met...

I hope you enjoy, or find what you need.

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